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Are you “Tired of Thinking About Drinking?” You’re not alone. My name is Belle, and I am sober. I originally created this blog to document my own journey to sobriety (the sucky parts and the glow-in-the-dark realizations). Along the way, I’ve gathered some friends, and now it’s so much more than just a blog. It’s a community gathering place for the exchange of ideas. What you’ll find here (hopefully!) is a new kind of sober resource, with a personal touch that you won’t find on other “resource” sites. If this is your first time visiting, here’s a little baby roadmap for you, that might be helpful:

1 > 100 Day Sober Challenge

To read more about the 100 Day Sober Challenge, and to find out how you can sign up, go here. Sober penpal included!

2 > Popular Blog Posts

To get to know me a bit, here are a couple of blog posts that summarize my ideas on being sober:

3 > Read Blog Posts in Order

I am putting together a collection of my blog posts, in chronological order, so you can see where I was on day 18 and see if it’s like where you are! If you want me to send it chunks as they’re ready, put your name in the box here:  http://eepurl.com/BqAEn

4 > Bracelets & Jewelry

There are a couple of sober bracelets available, each with special super powers. There’s the original “Fuck You Wolfie” bracelet, made of lightweight aluminum. And there’s the brass “Stay Here” bracelet complete with calming powers 🙂  And if jewelry with swear words isn’t for you, there’s the “Not Today” bracelet, made of sterling silver. There’s a bracelet that says “It’s About Time” (and it is)… And there’s a kickass sober charm bracelet, complete with all of your sober tools. oh and for boys (and me), there’s a dark leather key chain. You might need one. Just because of reasons. I have a limited number available each month.

5 > Sober Podcasts

Sober messages, at least one new audio per week (usually more). The audio MP3 files are stored together on one page, so subscribers can see the podcasts all at once, can listen, re-listen, download, whatever. It’s a monthly recurring subscription. Of course you can cancel at any time. Listen to a sample audio here.

6 > Sober Jumpstart

I’ve created a 5-part audio coaching thingy, especially to help deal with the first bit of sobriety:  how to pick a replacement drink, what to tell people (and when), how to deal with the idea of ‘forever’… If you think the class might suit you, I have a new session starting each week. I only take 10 people at a time, cuz of commitment and communication and stuff.  You can learn more here. There is also an ‘extended’ version of this class available for extra support.



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